The Great God Pan

haute cuisine is the applause of ornament and redesign but “simple fare” celebrates atomic reduction

Night Switch

the longest night in the world san francisco to djibouti after-hours in beirut apero in helsinki (such fabulous people you meet!)


January is the bardo you vanquished last year...

Security Breach

Our little sister is a beast electron of silver, she's a palace of cedar,

On Luxury

Mayasura, famed demon architect dispenses advice to the inquiring designer: Luxury is something cultivated internally, user experience is of utmost priority imagine design as a sense envelope

Dark Shadow

Vespertines spire into dark street jungle vine this is not the ground I stand on: Lord Shadow haunts the vicinity Sorry to unnerve you I wasn’t unnerved just startled not expecting you— Alas, no one does or wants to. Broad misconceptions I’d like to change, What can I do for you? I was hoping you’d ask. I’m in the market for a little ‘spin’: For starters, it ...

Jack Frost

a wildcard haunting back doors of glitter instance, sybarite exit (and what passes for excitement these days...)

Sun God

interrupting the sun god at play in his dojo “do something about january” “move somewhere else” “what’re the martial arts for— you bored, sun god?”


Spectacular hysterical Futurity sputters data confetti prophecies seismic ticker tape flux formations revealing encoded doom:


“Heady perfume...” You are mistaken. This is light compressing forward me penetrating you: heatseeking pheromone trace


In response to your query, a diamond

It’s Probably Raining Outside

there's only room tone at the other end you hold on, mesmerized by shimmer slow drift shards icy oxygen silence then you hang up