Dark Shadow


spire into dark street 

jungle vine

this is not the ground

I stand on:

Lord Shadow

haunts the vicinity

Sorry to unnerve you

I wasn’t unnerved

just startled

not expecting you—

Alas, no one does

or wants to.

Broad misconceptions

I’d like to change,

What can I do for you?

I was hoping you’d ask.

I’m in the market 

for a little ‘spin’:

For starters, it would be nice

to be embraced

as essential

to defining light;

and also some gratitude

for the blind spots

I provide

without which, you’d all

be a psychotic


Anything else?

Divulge some of my talents:

for example

in the space of ‘no – time’

I can dissolve

being and consciousness.

In this respect,

I am the only ally you need

I am the corridors of power

 the threshold of glory.

Will that be all?

For now, yes…

I’ll have this posted shortly.

See that you do.