The Great God Pan

is back

and in business

according to an article

appearing in the Times


I was never really away

just decohered

from the human herd

in general,

though a few close allies

over the centuries

Yes, a new venture

a seasonal restaurant

roving the continents

according to the needs

of the menu

Idiotic to refer to things

as “simple fare”

but go ahead

only if you have the ability

to configure the crystal

lattice, say of a potato sprout

replicate the subtleties of young oak

fragrance in the wind…

haute cuisine is the applause

of ornament and redesign

but “simple fare”

celebrates atomic reduction

at Pan, the movement is in the roots

a dense bridal chamber

of mystery

No—no maenads,

you have me confused

with another god

however debauch is welcome

in it’s pristine state

genuine investigation

of intoxication

Naturally it will be called

“The Great God Pan”

because, you know,


Coming to a town

near you, you’ll know when

You’ll feel it