It’s Probably Raining Outside

there’s only

room tone

at the other end

you hold on, mesmerized

by shimmer slow drift shards

icy oxygen 


then you hang up

you wonder why this is a rotary phone

you realize you are dreaming

(perhaps you always are)

perhaps it rains outside

the city reflecting

that converse city 

parallel below

mist striking rainbows

sea of vapours

curbside splatter

street signs, traffic densities

merged in luminous union

avenues streak into 

night ethers

dissolving membrane…

you wonder 

about a chance glance 

so very long ago

so random

had you paid attention…

you just answered your own question

about quantum computing:

what is it for?

Glorious storm clouds:

superpositions / flag manifolds

each and every 




these  last days of Moore’s Law

we spiral into supernature

more compatible with  

quantum appetite

it’s probably raining outside

fate charged sleet

glow surfs  a 

refined chaos wave.