I’m Recapping the Future

My most recent gig with ETH Zurich is recapping the Global Lectures Series. The series is a platform for global thinkers to propel their ideas in conversations around contemporary issues. Topics range from the status of gender politics to geopolitics to future robotics. Hosted by ETH Zurich’s head of Foresight, Chris Luebkemann, the conversation typically lasts an hour, and engages two ...

Game. Rite – The Board

The Game.Rite Board Game, ‘A Game Called Zoo’, is a set of neuro-linguistic triggers. If you are reading this, you are already playing the game… Click here to amplify.  


May I interest you in a radical new cinema— The Lilith-Vue?First let’s (re)acquaint ourselves with Lilith— a forage through our religio -mythological catalogues of mankind’s conception: Lilith was Adam’s wife before Eve—deemed unsuitable because of her sexual voracity and disdain of the Missionary position. As far as sex was concerned, she liked to be the top banana. Someone ...

Questions For Maxwell’s Demon

Technology as human prosthesis is clunky and inelegant. Ideally technology is a means of observing process, human function—to improve it. Technology is a kind of mirror, playback. So think of it this way: when a performer (for example and actor or dancer) responds to playback (as a form of critique), what results is an efficient streamlining: a fluid shorthand we call grace...


Obviously the battle lines had been pre-fabricated. Imagine Joan’s fury if she ever discovered she was dating Altman in her present incarnation (as me). As it turned out, it was a mistake: I had confused Robert Altman for Robert Aldrich. It didn’t matter: before long I was sans boyfriend: passed over for an existence that featured wife, condo and a grey mini-van. I was much consoled when a ...


It would be a second death, after all, most insects undergo a pupal transformation--most notably Lepidoptera--the cocoon stage, I believe this to be the actual model for the ancient Egyptian mummy. They weren’t trying to preserve the mortal body, rather they swaddled it, cocoon-like, knowing that at some point the outer casing would decay and free the immortal soul to go into it’s ...


Do you need help accepting your cyborg nature? How is your relationship with your machines? How can we help?


‘A Game Called Zoo’, is a set of neuro-linguistic triggers. If you are reading this, you are already playing the game… Here are some instructions: