Instantanés #6: s n o w v e r s e

Inspired by the blizzard of 2010: as a child there appears a luminous gash in time in space this unravelling world a shivering kaleidoscope: let the trembling commence a grashopper in the snow an angel in full thrust glitter outside my window a snowverse snowverse by onome ekeh music: ‘ash’ by shuttle358/ from the album ‘chessa’ number six in an ongoing series of ...

Couture Postcard: Haider Ackermann Fall 2011

Couture Postcard for Haider Ackermann Fall 2011 Part of an ongoing series of couture postcards by Onome Ekeh. Stills via Soundtrack: ‘You are a Bore’ written and performed by Fiji from the album ‘Fun Factory’ Fiji | Sandra Knecht @Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona ©2011 onome ekeh /


A Paean to Rick Owens FALL 2011 Menswear Collection: Rick Owens Fall 2011 menswear collection. Re-imagined. Part of an ongoing series of couture postcards by Onome Ekeh. Stills via Soundtrack: ‘Concrete Purgatory Part 3’ by Fellirium ©2011 onome ekeh /


‘A Game Called Zoo’, is a set of neuro-linguistic triggers. If you are reading this, you are already playing the game… Here are some instructions:  


A New Year’s greeting I created for Featurezoo: 2013: THE EMISSARY from FEATUREZOO on Vimeo. The constellation, first detected by Greek stargazers in 432 B.C., is relegated to the undertow of human consciousness, making fleeting appearances in the slipstream of culture and history… until now. What is The Emissary? A messenger of what—human transcendence? A keening supra-intelligence ...

Carl Hancock Rux: The Exalted

Teaser I created for Carl Hancock Rux’ UCLA reading of his novel, ‘The Exalted’. Teaser: Carl Hancock Rux / The Exalted (long version) from FEATUREZOO on Vimeo. Teaser for award winning writer / performer, Carl Hancock Rux, reading excerpts from his new novel “The Exalted” a poetic meditation on heritage, love and the willpower to overcome atrocity. Accompanied ...


Promo trailers I created for FZ at the beginning of 2012: