onome ekeh


Visuals for Meena Ysanne's TED presentation, "Blue" on May 13, 2017 in Bend, Oregon.

Easter Mysteries 2015

Easter Mysteries 2015: “Resurrect the Dreaming”. Music: ‘Soft Shoulders’ by Sonnymoon

Stranger on Earth: Tech Rehearsal

Tech Rehearsal at New York Live Arts for ‘Stranger on Earth’ by Carl Hancock Rux ‘This Bitter Earth’ performed by: Marcelle D. Lashley, voice Jason DiMatteo, bass Ted Cruz, piano Visuals by Featurezoo http://featurezoo.net


Inspired by Caroll Reed’s postwar film classic, The Third Man— Third Girl is a stranger in strangeland under strange circumstances… A skewed, shadowy meditation on foreigness and the urban psyche. Written and performed by Onome Ekeh with Knut Asdam and Simple Text (background vocals) Originally presented at the UKS Fortum: Bricks & Kicks Festival, Vienna, Austria, 1997.