New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Rehearsal

This is  pure vicarious projection. Despite my aspirations, my NYE was fairly tame, spent in the Alps amongst friends.  I did sort of get stoned by the altitude and forest trees on a hike earlier in the day. Rendered me unable to drink.


It’s always Fashion Week in the Realm of the Spirits. The entire spectrum of animal existence blends together and synthesizes: this is true meaning of couture.

Excerpts / Studies for “Night Market”

As kids, back in Nigeria, sometimes we’d go strolling with my aunt in the evenings to get nocturnal treats, roadside cornucopia of roast corn, plantains, akara, suya from food vendors lining the night streets with large vats of oil, burning coal pits, aromas intoxicating and magical… My aunt sternly warned us not to stare at people because not everyone at the Night Market was ...

Fly Nigeria

Fly Nigeria: A jade suite for Nigerian Independence Day.


The iconic West African magazine, Drum, which shuttered sometime in the ’80s, revived to take a look at Nigeria at 62.

Evidence of Wildlife

An assortment of Party Animals. A few (some unvarnished) Midjourney character sketches.

Dog of War

When Olokun, god of the oceans, threatened to discipline humanity with yet another deluge, Obatala the sky god intervened: it was decided that Olokun be restrained in the watery depths. For this, Ogun, god of war and technology was called upon. Ogun, like his Graeco-Roman analogues, Hephaestus / Vulcan is your talented blacksmith, technologist, and master of weapons. Like his Mediterranean ...

Yemayá at the Atlantic Terminal

Not to be outdone by her male counterpart, the First Lady of the Oceans also put in an appearance at the underwater terminal.

Armoured Girl Series (Part II)

“In assemblages you you find states of things, bodies, various combinations of bodies, hodgepodges; but you also find utterances, modes of expression, and whole regimes of signs.“ Gilles Deleuze The Armoured Girl series is an exercise in totemic human / animal capture and their resulting assemblages. Using Midjourney, the generative AI, I worked with Grace Jones and Benjamin ...