I created this teaser for Geoscope II: Worlds, a rethink of Buckminster Fuller’s iconic structures, featured at Biennale Architettura 2021  in Venice. Curated by Daniel Lopéz-Peréz and Jesse Reiser (RUR Architecture), the inflatable sphere showcases an international cast of contemporary thinkers “inside and outside architecture, ranging from Pritzker Prize winning architect Kazuyo Sejima to radical ecologist and philosopher Timothy Morton.”

“Fuller’s Geoscopes, while conceptually ambitious, were technologically limited by their times: literally analog vinyl spheres covered in decals in the shapes of the continents,” note López Pérez and Reiser. “The way we see it, new technologies and advances in how we view the world have allowed us to simultaneously reimagine and challenge Fuller’s original project. We believe that disunity, disjunction, and dissensus — ‘worlds’— are to be celebrated as evidence of true diversity in how we think, act, and interact with one another. This is our critical take on how will we live together: spirited agon as opposed to polite relativism.”