A short film I wrote and directed, featuring Selena Mars.

Selena, a performer, is being stalked by a fan. Or is she? With a shift in perspective, everything we understand about a situation turns on it’s head.

Inspired by the song of the same name.

Written & Directed by Onome Ekeh
Director of Photography: Katung Aduwak
Hair & Wardrobe Styling: Jorge Luis
Edited by Onome Ekeh

Selena Mars as ‘Selena’
Jose Cruz as ‘Milo Tetris’
Okwui Okpokwasili as ‘The Psychoanalyst/ Interrogator’

‘Already Famous’
Written and Performed by Selena Mars
©2010 Selena Mars Music

Produced by:
Onome Ekeh/ Lukas Fitze/ Selena Mars

Special thanks to:
Peter J. Born
Gabriela Tubella
Highlands Restaurant, NYC