“Sometimes the soul takes the shape of a separate entity; you recognize yourself as a reflection and thus become enlightened—” I told him I would stick to espresso.


five parallel universes— a bout with homemade psychedelics transforms an already warped dynamic between a couple into a police investigation. the forensics are stymied: a neural surge that created an explosion, traces of honey in the blood— what was in that bindi spot? a first date in Central Park. fireflies, deathbirds and vertigo… a radio broadcast seems to intercept the reality of the new ...

Brightness Falls Part II: Leviathan

And then, rather unexpectedly, an asteroid collides into the planet Earth, rocking her to her very foundations; causing her to alter her orbit and leaving her offspring; those giant beasts that roam her wide rolling plains, vulnerable.


Recut version of a short film I wrote and directed, featuring Selena Mars. Selena, a performer, is being stalked by a fan. Or is she? With a shift in perspective, everything we understand about a situation turns on it’s head. Inspired by the song of the same name. Written & Directed by Onome Ekeh Director of Photography: Katung Aduwak Hair & Wardrobe Styling: Jorge Luis Edited ...

Couture Postcard: Cheng Hao at China Fashion Week 2011/12

Indulging my “couture postcard” fetish: From Beijing with love… Cheng Hao’s collection at the China Fashion Week in Beijing, 2011. Part of an ongoing series of couture postcards by Onome Ekeh. Stills via Music: ‘Hey, Hey’ by Chin Chin

THE WHITE ROOM (excerpt from The Sea of Lightning)

Session IV (from transcript) DR.: You’ve had this recurring dream for a couple of weeks, maybe we should talk about that today. OTTO: No — DR.: I talked to the Directrix about your requests Otto. The matter is under consideration— OTTO: Her answer of course is no. DR.: But you don’t know that for a fact— OTTO: Yes I do. Do you think my demands are unreasonable, Doctor? (silence) DR.: What ...

Otto’s Cell excerpt from ‘The Sea of Lightning’

“all pain is geological” In a future that seems very much like the present, the talents of convicted criminal masterminds are harnessed by NATO to develop new war and intelligence technologies. They are incarcerated in former monasteries where they may conduct their research in relative ease and peace. The former abbey of Vézelay is such an institution, and now with a mysterious ...


Spectacular hysterical Futurity sputters data confetti prophecies seismic ticker tape flux formations revealing encoded doom:


In the street I feel very unsafe, frightened. Killer Angels roam the streets. With me is a small boy, I am here to protect him. He says nothing, he too is scared, and huddles against me. I mean to comfort him, but I tremble. The streets are so unsafe. I press hard at the doorbell. My keys do not seem to fit into the lock, I do not know if this is because I am nervous or because the locks have ...