Speculative fiction

African Jetset: Mystical Dream Edition

When excavating the roots of African diasporic trauma, one happens upon a mystical seam…The African Jetset series takes a shamanic twist, this retrospection is the future.

Afropunk, Lagos, 1982 @ HEK

My series ‘Afropunk, Lagos, 1982’ will be featured at HEK this November: UNSCHARFE REALITÄTEN – REGIONALE 24»  Saturday, 25.11.2023, 19:30 PM About Afropunk Lagos, 1982 This series of images is a rebuttal to the social conservatism by way of formal and informal repressions that dominated my youth in Nigeria. There was a time when it was illegal for women to wear trousers, it was ...

The Warrior Saints of Atlantis

Inserting new narratives into amnesiac gaps created by colonial forces, adept at erasing our past, new mythologies are devised. This is the core of Afrofuturism: a conversation with the past projected into the future… The Warrior Saints dips into a melting pot of West African folklore, oral traditions, and aesthetics to fabricate new modalities. It is also a riposte to the disneyficaton of ...

African Jetset

The series African Jetset is a response to the violence and trauma that has marked the bulk of African migratory patterns, from slavery to economic or conflict driven displacement:  “I wanted to create a corrective space, an alternate timeline where there was never any interruption: no slave-trade, no colonialization, no external war or plunder. Instead the continent developed along ...

Excerpts from ‘Hotel Legba’

Preview from the first volume of my graphic novel series “Hotel Legba” in which the Yoruba gods of the diaspora converge at the crossroads.

Future Fashion Week

I am delighted to have my speculative piece Future Fashion Week as part of the inaugural ‘Wild Papers—Unpredictable as the Future’, a new online publishing series, edited by Ingo Niermann and commissioned by the Institute Art Gender Nature HGK Basel FHNW. Wild Papers constitutes a collection of concise scenarios that affect the future of art, technology, gender, and nature. Why “wild”? The ...

Brutalist Mountaintop Villa for Bond Villain (Part IV)

Or possibly an Artist’s Residency. To expand upon my storyboarding /world-building skills, I took the PA Academy‘s Midjourney Architecture 3.0 webinar with Tim Fu. The following was developed as part of the course workshop. Part IV: Library / Swimming Pool / Falconer’s Post / Observatory