Armoured Girl Series (Part I)

“In assemblages you you find states of things, bodies, various combinations of bodies, hodgepodges; but you also find utterances, modes of expression, and whole regimes of signs.“ Gilles Deleuze The Armoured Girl series is an exercise in totemic human / animal capture and their resulting assemblages. Using Midjourney, the generative AI, I worked with Grace Jones and Benjamin ...

Mystery Gentleman at Home

I’ve been using the generative AI, Midjourney, to storyboard my film script. The scenes here are of my protagonist in repose. After a few realistic looking tries, I experimented with more stylised forms.

Art Deco Airport

A space that has emerged as I begin to storyboard my film scripts with Midjourney, the generative AI.

Issey Miyake Reimagined as a Nocturne

I recently “entered” the Midjourney chat room. Midjourney is a image generative AI that is triggered by text prompts, and is what every art director in the universe has been dreaming of. My initial interest was its application as a storyboard, but in general its propensity of alchemy is well, intoxicating…The beauty of this generative AI is the unexpected beasts derived from ...

Ms. Crawford Wears Rei Kawakubo

Having a generative AI tool breeds all kinds of mischief, there is no limit to the chimeras made manifest. This is how I found myself imagining the mighty Joan Crawford paired with the might Rei Kawakubo. Of course, Midjourney can’t be counted on to give you what you exactly want, but if you allow for dialogue with the AI, a curious and rewarding space opens up. And this is how we find ...

Wodaabe Gentlemen of the Heian Period

Juxtaposition (and generative AI) allows this to exist. An alchemy of Wodaabe beauty, birds of paradise, orchid mantises, and Japanese mezzotint.