Couture Postcard: Cheng Hao at China Fashion Week 2011/12

Indulging my “couture postcard” fetish: From Beijing with love… Cheng Hao’s collection at the China Fashion Week in Beijing, 2011. Part of an ongoing series of couture postcards by Onome Ekeh. Stills via Music: ‘Hey, Hey’ by Chin Chin

Easter Mysteries 2015

Easter Mysteries 2015: “Resurrect the Dreaming”. Music: ‘Soft Shoulders’ by Sonnymoon

Stranger on Earth: Tech Rehearsal

Tech Rehearsal at New York Live Arts for ‘Stranger on Earth’ by Carl Hancock Rux ‘This Bitter Earth’ performed by: Marcelle D. Lashley, voice Jason DiMatteo, bass Ted Cruz, piano Visuals by Featurezoo

Fall Featurezoo Reel

Just completed the latest Featurezoo showreel, and once more I’ve prevailed on the lush talents of Marilyn Carino and Benny Cha Cha—collectively known as Mudville to provide an appropriately hypnotic soundscape…    


Indulging my love for Yamamoto: Couture postcard experiment with the Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2011 collection. Music “Funky Genius” by Dragons of Zynth. Stills via Style.Com ©2011 onome ekeh/ featurezoo


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