a schoolgirl daydreaming

(gen x equations) …


into membranes…


a plain of glittering minefields

to go deeper.


) expand particular moment

sense ocean

velvet lilac colors in the surface of the water

and of the body

no ghosts / just the sprigs of things

lovers as skunks—

no tire tracks


ladybird, ladybird,

rust and dream

fire grain oracles

the thump thump of gila mudmen

tattooed into the fork in the road


blue markings on her torso,

hours in dreamy near-dementia

machines that suppress Time…


She says:

“the first man I kill I take his skin and trade it for my own”

she notes the black of space: endless repetition creates a trance


“I am a bullet,” says Strutting Red Wing


she finally remembers to breathe, unaware his violent rupture has transformed

Strutting Red Wing says nothing


A great wall of porcelain arches up and out —

“Beautiful stability,” says Strutting Red Wing


but Lady Byrd wants to go higher




*echo::system is an interactive media installation/performance  initiated by Grisha Coleman, bringing together  a spectrum of cross-disciplinary practices. As part of the original configuration, I created literary dna for the echo::system universe. http://echo-system.org