Excerpted from ‘Machine Fragments’

Machine Fragments
Perhaps the question, “Can Machines Think?” should be re-articulated as “Is the Machine different from you or I?” Why is there a perceptive gap between our tools and ourselves? Do they also not constitute consciousness and by extension, the body?
The cultural schisms that generate this differentiation between “man” and “machine” are also responsible for spawning voids and displacements—and ghosts that inhabit them. It is these ghosts that constitute Machine Fragments. Machine Fragments are essentially sound fictions spun from the perspective of sentient machines, testing humans for machine intelligence. Not so much to expose the machinic dimension in humans (we suspected as much), but to arouse the sense that “Machine” is also a kind of gender…

Commissioned by New Radio and Performing Arts (aka Ether Ore) for their Turbulence.org website with funding from the Greenwall Foundation. Created while in residence at the Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen, Innsbruck Austria.