Bad Reception:
Two transmissions and the idea of interference. One transmission from a radio frequency, the other from beyond the grave. Each aggravating the other…
The Zombie: The zombie is a fallen soul, love has destroyed him— a paralysis. He moves within the death still coldness of cemeteries. A sense of scratchy film sparkle is conveyed as he threatens: “slowly like lead I possess you…”
Bee lines: A female presenter talks candidly about the life of the honey bees. At some point, without warning, the tone becomes esoteric and lodged in occult knowledge. We hear of things that swarm, noisesome pestilence, the lovemad murmur of bees—Napoleon, information as warfare, Beelzebub…
Then talk of the hive as community networks, quantum consciousness…
In the midst of this someone switches of the radio. Francesca has walked into the living room. Myra lies on the couch. She thinks she is dying.

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lovemadfever>> (16:30)
written & directed by onomé ekeh
featuring : okwui okpokwasili, simone white
excerpts from:
“bit part actor” by david watson

Performed and recorded during a 2002 Artist Residency at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City, with support from the Media Alliance / Jerome Foundation Sound Art grant fellowship.