M Butterfly from my sound work “Lovemad”:

In Central Park, a live broadcast performance of Puccini’s Madam Butterfly is about to commence, but first we must deal with the radio DJ and his peculiar brand of sunstroke.

Inspired by equal parts fascination with sacred erotic texts, neurological disorders and Hitchcock-ian suspense, lovemad>> is a cinematic love story in five parallel universes. This ←sound-cinema event→ is modeled after old-styleradio plays and the narrative unfolds in linearly progressed loops.

The initializing concept behind undertaking a sound project was the idea that the first cinema we experience is in vitro. As fetuses, we are awash in soundwaves, via amniotic fluid, that create our first virtual reality.

Performed by Paul Boocock
Written & Directed by Onome Ekeh

Recorded during a 2002 Artist Residency at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City, with support from the Media Alliance / Jerome Foundation Sound Art grant fellowship. Experience lovemad>> in it’s entirety: http://soundcloud.com/thememorexe/sets/lovemad