Teaser for a Teknotherapy, a collaboration with Clarinda Maclow:

Do you need help accepting your cyborg nature? How is your relationship with your machines? How can we help? In Teknotherapy, a Cyborg interlocutor (or “teknotherapist”) leads group and individual sessions for those of us grappling with our machinic selves and investigates our relationship to our electronic extensions. Teknotherapists: Onome Ekeh and Clarinda Mac Low.

At the Fixer’s Collective @ Proteus Gowanus Gallery, 543 Union St. Brooklyn, New York 11231 (entrance around the corner through the alley).

By appointment or drop in
April 16, 7-10,
April 17, 1-5,
April 23, 1-5,
April 30 & May 1, 1-5.

Make your appointment now at cyborg@cyborg-nation.net. You can also participate by sending your email questions or photos to scope@cyborg-nation.net More information at cyborg-nation.net.

Cyborg Nation is a portable performance installation based in a self-contained performance environment (or SCoPE); miniature technologies combined to create a tiny media extravaganza. It is a philosophical inquiry and investigation of intimacy in a world of remote communication; a participatory performance experiment where one-to-one conversation is a public display. Cyborg Nation is created by Clarinda Mac Low and Walter Polkosnik, with SCoPE design by Stacy Scibelli. Presented in partnership with Proteus Gowanus and the Fixer’s Collective.