I am the twilight whispering cusp of spidery fate a nomad heartbeat sync'd to mysterious nebulae


oh but have you met my sister ghost twin soul separated at birth by death?


...my first stop of course, the ATM of my desire bracket blinking still in the night...

I, Claudius

I Claudius a life measured In forkfuls of truffle and bloated caviar, crayfish swimming in bitch-brew innards of a bitch-whale


I It is a crowded room or a quiet one always dimly lit and preoccupied in its demeanor and the clientele arrived in a symphony of gestures precise, practiced and postured a language we all understand…. Are you Curious? About the man sitting at the bar? When you walked into the room you both glanced up in the same moment gazes met unfazed you lowered your glance, so as not to be crass he ...

Lady Byrd meets Strutting Red Wing (from echo::system)

a schoolgirl daydreaming (gen x equations) … floating… into membranes…   a plain of glittering minefields to go deeper.   ) expand particular moment sense ocean velvet lilac colors in the surface of the water and of the body no ghosts / just the sprigs of things lovers as skunks— no tire tracks   ladybird, ladybird, rust and dream fire grain oracles the thump thump of gila ...