Otto’s Cell excerpt from ‘The Sea of Lightning’

“all pain is geological” In a future that seems very much like the present, the talents of convicted criminal masterminds are harnessed by NATO to develop new war and intelligence technologies. They are incarcerated in former monasteries where they may conduct their research in relative ease and peace. The former abbey of Vézelay is such an institution, and now with a mysterious ...

Stranger on Earth: Tech Rehearsal

Tech Rehearsal at New York Live Arts for ‘Stranger on Earth’ by Carl Hancock Rux ‘This Bitter Earth’ performed by: Marcelle D. Lashley, voice Jason DiMatteo, bass Ted Cruz, piano Visuals by Featurezoo http://featurezoo.net

I, Claudius

I Claudius a life measured In forkfuls of truffle and bloated caviar, crayfish swimming in bitch-brew innards of a bitch-whale


credits: glitch>> (9:54) written & directed by onomé ekeh featuring: meredith perlman, tami dixon, okwui okpokwasili, christian rummel, simone white excerpts from: “primal image” by alan lamb ©2001 dorobo “humming chorus” from madam butterfly by giacomo puccini “un bel di vedremo” from madam butterfly by giacomo puccini “intimations on immortality” by william wordsworth


credits: wedding night>> (8:21) written & directed by onomé ekeh featuring: mike allen, meredith perlman, dave simonds, okwui okpokwasili excerpts from: “primal image” by alan lamb ©2001 dorobo “you do something to me” by cole porter, performed by the george siravo orchestra “that the night come” by william butler yeats Performed and recorded during a 2002 Artist Residency at ...

Lady Byrd meets Strutting Red Wing (from echo::system)

a schoolgirl daydreaming (gen x equations) … floating… into membranes…   a plain of glittering minefields to go deeper.   ) expand particular moment sense ocean velvet lilac colors in the surface of the water and of the body no ghosts / just the sprigs of things lovers as skunks— no tire tracks   ladybird, ladybird, rust and dream fire grain oracles the thump thump of gila ...