The Great God Pan

haute cuisine is the applause of ornament and redesign but “simple fare” celebrates atomic reduction


Video I created for ‘Moonlight” , performed by Svetlana on her album, “Night at the Movies”.


a first date in Central Park. fireflies, deathbirds and vertigo… a radio broadcast seems to intercept the reality of the new couple, who become susceptible to the information transmitted via the airwaves… next, they discover a corpse…

Brightness Falls Part III: Concerto

Before we plunge in, let’s specify a couple of parameters: As in things we don’t want and stuff we don’t like— Please, No hippies Or New Age Mystics Or UFO-junkies Looking for signs of reptilian alien life Out There,


My Valentine’s day piece for FZ. This is the “Genet” version: “My heart’s in my hand, and my hand is pierced, and my hand’s in the bag, and the bag is shut, and my heart is caught.” ― Jean Genet, Our Lady of the Flowers The Human Valve, find yours this Valentine’s Day. Created by Onome Ekeh for Futurezoo Music: “Speak To Me / Breathe ((In The ...


In Central Park, a live broadcast performance of Puccini's Madam Butterfly is about to commence, but first we must deal with the radio DJ and his peculiar brand of sunstroke.

Night Switch

the longest night in the world san francisco to djibouti after-hours in beirut apero in helsinki (such fabulous people you meet!)


At some point, without warning, the tone becomes esoteric and lodged in occult knowledge. We hear of things that swarm, noisesome pestilence, the lovemad murmur of bees—Napoleon, information as warfare, Beelzebub…


Poison The last vestiges of summer, Storm and I met for brunch and then proceeded to amble about the East Village rather aimlessly. It was pleasant and rainy. Light grey, light rain. We came across a Church on 1st Avenue. “Look!” said Storm “It’s Datura,” “It’s what?” He was pointing at a cluster of white bell-shaped flowers in the Church yard “Datura. It’s a hallucinogen. Shamanic” “Really?” ...