A little fiction by way of title design:

With the former Soviet Union restored to Czarist glory, Max Filter, a young New York diamond forensics expert, is commissioned to track down a set of missing Romanov diamonds, rumored to last have been in the possession of Marilyn Monroe. Her detective work takes her into newly released FBI files that were kept on the movie star, and she stumbles upon strange and intriguing information—that Marilyn Monroe might have in fact been passing for white. True or not, the investigation takes a strange turn—and the mystery of the missing diamonds and the fate of the Romanov dynasty become wrapped up in Monroe's racial identity.

Release Date 2012

Written / Directed / Edited by Onome Ekeh
Produced by Lukas Fitze
A Featurezoo Presentation

"Special Dark"
from the Album "Little Genius"
by Marilyn Carino