Title Sequence for 'Marilyn Monroe is Passing'

Title Sequence for ‘Marilyn Monroe is Passing’

A little fiction by way of title design: With the former Soviet Union restored to Czarist glory, Max Filter, a young New York diamond forensics expert, is commissioned to track down a set of missing Romanov diamonds, rumored to last have been in the possession of Marilyn Monroe. Her detective work takes her into newly...


A Paean to Rick Owens FALL 2011 Menswear Collection: Rick Owens Fall 2011 menswear collection. Re-imagined. Part of an ongoing series of couture postcards by Onome Ekeh. Stills via Soundtrack: ‘Concrete Purgatory Part 3′ by Fellirium ©2011 onome ekeh /


A New Year’s greeting I created for Featurezoo: 2013: THE EMISSARY from FEATUREZOO on Vimeo. The constellation, first detected by Greek stargazers in 432 B.C., is relegated to the undertow of human consciousness, making fleeting appearances in the slipstream of culture and history… until now. What is The Emissary? A messenger of what—human transcendence? A...


May I interest you in a radical new cinema— The Lilith-Vue? First let’s (re)acquaint ourselves with Lilith— a forage through our religio-mythological catalogues of mankind’s conception: Lilith was Adam’s wife before Eve—deemed unsuitable because of her sexual voracity and disdain of the Missionary position. As far as sex was concerned, she liked to be the...
Angelica  excerpt from (The Sea of Lightning)

Angelica excerpt from (The Sea of Lightning)

Session VII (from transcript) DR: Hello Otto. OTTO: I notice my new-found privileges have been revoked— DR: It’s nothing to do with me Otto. OTTO: No, that wouldn’t be your style. You just did nothing, right? Not so much as blip of protest from you— DR: Are you angry at me? OTTO: Let down more...
In The Garden  (excerpt from The Sea of Lightning)

In The Garden (excerpt from The Sea of Lightning)

Session V: 05/13/99 (From the diary of Doctor Trieste) I arrive in the garden fifteen minutes ahead. It is still dark and a little cold, and I am a little asleep, it is 4:30 a.m. I sit on a stone bench and wait. I scan the area for surveillance cams, but as usual, they elude...
THE WHITE ROOM  (excerpt from The Sea of Lightning)

THE WHITE ROOM (excerpt from The Sea of Lightning)

Session IV (from transcript) DR.: You’ve had this recurring dream for a couple of weeks, maybe we should talk about that today. OTTO: No — DR.: I talked to the Directrix about your requests Otto. The matter is under consideration— OTTO: Her answer of course is no. DR.: But you don’t know that for a...
Otto's Cell  excerpt from 'The Sea of Lightning'

Otto’s Cell excerpt from ‘The Sea of Lightning’

“all pain is geological” In a future that seems very much like the present, the talents of convicted criminal masterminds are harnessed by NATO to develop new war and intelligence technologies. They are incarcerated in former monasteries where they may conduct their research in relative ease and peace. The former abbey of Vézelay is such...
Flash Flood Warning

Flash Flood Warning

...the taste of insecurity; metallic trace of anger forming in my blood; jealousy in mineral compounds, the acrid by-products of lust. Your exasperation.
The NightWatch's Plight

The NightWatch’s Plight

The Ogboni Society was formed centuries before the European explorers came in contact with Diamankor. Speculatively the institution was established in the mid 9th century. This was the era of the Aiwughobasinins, the Mountain Lords who ruled the island at the time. The Ogboni Society emerged from a system of checks and balances to safeguard...


We all watched it on TV— the Giant as he emerged from the debris of the earth; disrupting the strata of Greco-Roman remains which had lain undisturbed for centuries. We were gathered in my Uncle Felix’s mountainside home overlooking Tarqua Bay. It was the usual family type gathering we had on Sunday afternoons after church....